Almost everyday, someone walks into the store with questions about their itchy dog with dry skin and hot spots. Folks, no matter if you feed raw, freeze dried raw, kibble, canned food, or a homemade diet, you should be supplementing with Omega's to ensure your dog has healthy skin and coat.  

The Furter, my pitty, has taught me so much about dealing with skin issues. Bully breeds are prone to skin problems, hot spots, rashes, bug bites, dry skin, brittle coat, etc. Last year this time I was bathing Frank in all kinds of natural oil shampoos, treating him with allergy meds, steroids, conditioners, creams, etc. He continued to lose fur, break out in a rash, scratching and chewing his hair out every where.  

Finally, I decided to take a step back and lets start over. So I stopped bathing him, starting rubbing him down with skin soother and religiously adding fish oil to his food bowl at both meals. Viola! Within 2 months he was completely healed of all rashes, no more dry skin or brittle coat, and no more baths for this boy!  

You see, not all dogs are meant to get baths on a regular basis. Bathing more often than necessary removes their natural oils and protective microbiom. By my bathing him once or twice a week, I was creating more of a problem.  

Now, he hasn't had a bath in over a year, his skin is great and his coat is so shiny that most who see him make a comment on how beautiful his shiny coat is and what do I feed him? Fish oil, a tablespoon of fish oil twice a day is what keeps my boy's coat and skin in top shape.  

Stop by and lets talk about what's itching your dog, we can help heal the problem naturally, without breaking the bank.  

Pet Nutrition Specialist